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Q:   With what computer Operating System is the jMarker compatible?

A:    Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Q:   On what print media can jMarker print?

A:    Prints on any paper, Post its, Stickies, napkins, cardboard, skin, boxes, eggs and fabric. The printer ink may not work on some plastics, rubbers or sealed surfaces.

Q:   What color can jMarker print?

A:    Prints in one color, black, blue or red depending on the color of the cartridge installed.

Q:   How long will one ink cartridge last?

A:   The amount of use will determine how long a cartridge will last. Each cartridge holds 13pl of ink and will print in the range of 400,000 to 500,000 words. The printer indicates ink use to your computer.

Q:   Where can I get replacement cartridges?

A:   Replacement cartridges are available through the jMarker.com website products page. There are also many resellers of the cartridge on the web. Just enter the HP part number 51604A in your browser.  jMarker uses standard HP cartridges 51604A (black), 51605B (blue) and 51605R (red).

Q:  How do I install the jMarker?

A:   Plug in the printer. Follow the installation instructions supplied with the jMarker. When completed the green light will flash. Then run the jMarker host software. When completed the host software heart will be beating, indicated by a pulsing green light.  If not, run the self test function on the host software.

Q:   Does jMarker print images as well as text?

A:   No.  Presently the application software supplied with the printer is for printing text messages. Applications for printing graphics will be available shortly.

Q:   What fonts are available?

A:   At present, jMarker software includes4 fonts: 9 pt upper and lower case, 12 pt bold upper case, 11 pt upper and lower case, and 11 pt bold upper and lower case. More will be available soon, check for downloads.

Q:   How do I control print speed and quality?

A:   jMarker is held in the hand like a mouse and the print button is pressed as the printer is moved across the surface on which you are printing. Speed of print and initial delay can be adjusted within the application. Practice strokes will help you get the feel of how fast to move the printer, and adjust the software, to get the desired print.

Q:   What is the maximum amount of text that can be sent to the jMarker at one time?

A:   A string of 96 letters or characters.The swath may be up to 8 inches in length.

Q:   I am having trouble getting the jMarkerset up to communicate with my computer. I have followed the uninstall section of help but still have problems.

A:   Go to Utility Programs or uninstall.com for more information, or contact us at support@jmarker.com.

Q:   Does jMarker have a warranty?

A:   Yes. See our Policy/Warranty section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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jMarker handheld mini inkjet printer bluetooth