handheld smartphone blackberry bluetooth mini inkjet printer
the ultra-portable inkjet printer for
          everyday business and personal use


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handheld inkjet printer
jMarker handheld inkjet printerjMarker handheld mini inkjet printer bluetooth
With the touch of a button, jMarker prints any text on your PC or bluetooth smartphone... or upload any other data to print

Up/down controls allow easy scrolling through data to print

  • As simple to use as a mouse
  • HP inkjet cartridge installed
  • Blue, black, or red ink
  • Multiple fonts included
  • Software included on USB drive

ms word data printerms excel data address printerjMarker compact mini printer

students...          print notes from websites

doctors...           print prescription sheets

offices...            print addresses on envelopes

teachers...          print grades and notes on papers

scrapbookers...  print captions next to photos

factories...         print shipping labels

...and much more!


   jMarker inkjet printer     only: $99!


+ shipping

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Highlighted text is printed with the touch of a button...

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jMarker handheld mini inkjet printer bluetooth